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Numerology and Personality

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 Numerology is something which is actual abundant in ' the air ' these days. All of us accept absolutely heard of Numerology. Numerology is the system, acceptance or attitude of mystical accord that exists amid the absoluteness and the numbers. The capital additive of practicing numerology is the numbers - any amount that is cogent to you in your life; a amount that indicates the achievability for you in your life. The basics of numerology are abased on the article of Pythagoras.

The "energy" represented by these numbers can accept a abstruse access on your personality, health, and able-bodied being. Numerology is one way of borer the ability in an individual. Our home abode numbers, which is frequently accepted as Claimed Abode Amount can be acclimated to announce your hopes, dreams and desires. It aswell indicates the blazon of energies and qualities you accept aural you and the personality of the humans surrounding you.

A abrupt altercation about the energies which the amount imparts:

One (1): Absolute Keywords - Independence, Account and cocky motivated.

Negative Keywords - Aloofness, Analytical and procrastinate.

Brief Description - These humans can be actual analytical of themselves. They consistently accept issues surrounding time, creativity, independence, claimed assurance and perfection.

Two (2):Positive Keywords - Commitment, creativity, abettor and family.

Negative Keywords - Thievery, Giving, Clumsy and selfish.

Brief Description - Issues apropos their faculty of able-bodied being, advice and antithesis apropos them the most. They adore allowance others and acceptance responsibilities.

Three (3):Positive Keywords - Strength, persuasive, affluence and giving.

Negative Keywords - Weakness, autist and pessimistic.

Brief Description - Claimed power, money, abundance, antithesis and charge apropos them the most. Connected appraisal for blockage their achievement is done.

Four (4): Absolute Keywords - Leadership, acquaintance and patient.

Negative Keywords - Abhorrence and melodramatic.

Brief Description - Love, forgiveness, and achievement are the capital issues in life.

Five (5):Positive Keywords - Schooling, caring and respectful.

Negative Keywords - Ignorance, suppressive and observer.

Brief Description - These humans accept issues involving expression, will power, accuracy and education. They are accomplished problem solvers.

Six (6):Positive Keywords - Compassionate and Compassion.

Negative Keywords - Bigotry and deception.

Brief Description - They are abundant achievers and issues apropos hopes support, dreams and benevolence are the top priorities.

Seven (7):Positive Keywords - Organizing, ruler, anticipation and beneficial.

Negative Keywords - Dictatorship, two faced, apathetic and superficial.

Brief Description - These humans adulation to be the centermost of absorption and adore positions of authority/responsibility that allows them to collaborate with a advanced ambit of people.

Eight (8):Positive Keywords - Athletic, admiring and informative.

Negative Keywords - Aloofness and dominating.

Brief Description - These humans accept issues involving stamina, adventuresomeness and determination.

Nine (9):Positive Keywords - Intuition, appeaser and new beginnings.

Negative Keywords - Egoistic, ambiguity and loss.

Brief Description - As they accept a actual acceptable affinity so they become actual acceptable affliction givers.


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