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Types of Scissor Acid

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There are basically 3 altered means of using your scissors if acid hair . These are club cutting, free-hand acid and scissors-over-comb cutting.

Club Cutting

Club acid is infact the accepted hair acid address of acid the hair to make a bland attenuated attending after texture. It creates compatible lengths or calmly accelerating layers, whichever attending you are after. Your scissors are captivated in your acid hand, and the area of hair to be cut is captivated in the additional hand. This duke holds the hair at the able acclivity for the appearance you are aggravating to accomplish while you cut the hair at the adapted angle.

Free-hand Cutting

Free-hand acid is just what it sounds like. You use your scissors to cut the hair after captivation it in the additional hand`s fingers or after using any additional apparatus to authority the hair in abode while you are cutting.

Most often, it is done with the scissors acicular down at an angle, but can be cut upward. This address creates a lot of arrangement in the style. Free-hand acid is generally acclimated as a texturing technique.

Scissors-Over-Comb Cutting

The scissors-over-comb adjustment is performed with you captivation a adjust in what would commonly be your "holding" hand. Your adjust is acclimated to aces up or lift sections of the hair which are then cut by your scissors (which are captivated in your acid hand). The anchored brand (the lower blade) is positioned so it is alongside to the comb. You then cut the hair that sticks accomplished the teeth of your comb. The alotof important allotment of this address is to position your adjust accurately so you cut off the bulk of hair you intend to. This address is ideal for aggregate and acid actual abbreviate hairstyles after using clippers.


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