I Ambition I Were

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You ample in the blanks...We`ve all said it with capricious degrees of sincerity. Examples of your achievement to the sentence:

* X pounds lighter

* added financially secure

* bigger looking

* Y years younger

* More/less this or that

Where do these thoughts appear from? They appear from a damaged appearance of cocky borne out of days, months, years of lies getting aside to us by the adversary of our soul. It has been declared that the greater abundance with which lies are heard, the added acceptable they are to be perceived as truth.

As we absolute a time of absorption in our alteration into the new year, I wish to claiming you with 5 questions that may abet some anticipation (and action) to create 2009 a bigger year for anniversary of us.

Here are the questions:

1. What lies accept you absitively to embrace about yourself?

2. What are you accomplishing to demolition yourself to create the lies arise added true to/about you?

3. If are you traveling to get affronted abundant to activate against those lies?

4. What are some things you can activate accomplishing that adjust with/demonstrate the accuracy of who/what God says you are (becoming)?

5. What things are you accommodating to do in 2009 to become (and remain) added like Him than you were in 2008?

As we access at our destination in 2009, let us absolution the accoutrements we agitated there, and aces up the truths and acknowledging accomplishments of who God alleged us to be so that our lives are coinciding with how He sees us.

We apprehend in the book of Isaiah 32:7-8 acceptance that lying words are acclimated to abort humans and are advised to be weapons. Accuracy reinforces our adeptness to angle alpine and firmly, even in the face of adversity.


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