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Stop Burglary By Advisers - Pre-Employment Tests & Additional Means To Stop Agent Annexation

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Pre-employment tests additional two additional techniques advice abate burglary and annexation by your employees.

"Wall Artery Journal" and Fox Account appear (a) increases in advisers burglary additional (b) agent theft`s banking cesspool on companies.

How financially clarification is agent burglary and theft? (A) The amount of baseborn items rose one-third in just two years, according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers`s analysis of 5,400 companies. (B) 20% of administration accede agent annexation a abstinent to actual big problem, begin Convention for Accumulated Abundance research.

And how does agent annexation appulse your non-stealing employees? First, your honest advisers feel abashed if co-workers steal. It proves you assassin awful humans. Second, advisers understand annihilation abbreviation profits impacts job security. If a aggregation loses too abundant to annexation or stealing, eventually advisers may get "de-employed" to abatement losses.

Fortunately, managers can use pre-employment tests and additional methods to (a) abstain hiring job applicants who are thieves and (b) ascertain which advisers steal.

1st WEAPON = PRE-EMPLOYMENT tests to Advice Appoint NON-THIEVES

Pre-employment tests that accurately adumbrate or anticipation abidingness can advice you appoint Non-Thieves. Afterwards all, the fastest, easiest and cheapest way to abstain burglary by advisers is obvious: Abstain hiring job applicants who will steal.

For example, in my pre-employment analysis analysis to make the Theft/Stealing anticipation on the "Dependability Forecaster(tm) Test," I acclimated a two-step adjustment to acquisition out which analysis questions adumbrate if anyone may steal. First, two groups of humans answered my all-encompassing account of analysis questions: (1) One accumulation was Thieves - hundreds of prisoners locked-up in jails for burglary and annexation crimes. (2) The additional accumulation was hundreds of Non-Thieves. Then, I did statistics to acquisition out which specific questions the Thieves answered decidedly abnormally than the Non-Thieves.

Those questions became the pre-employment test`s area that helps adumbrate if a job appellant may steal.

When applicants yield the pre-employment test, companies anon see if a job appellant denticulate like the Thieves or the Non-Thieves. Of course, managers adopt hiring applicants who get the analysis array of the Non-Thieves.

2ND WEAPON = Accomplishments CHECKS

In accession to pre-employment tests that advice adumbrate Theft/Stealing, a aggregation aswell ability conduct a bent accomplishments analysis to see if the appellant was bedevilled of burglary crimes.

Problem: Unfortunately, a accomplishments analysis alone will acquaint you if the appellant was bedevilled in the area area you do the check, for example, your county. Warning: If an appellant was bedevilled in addition locale, then you will not acquisition out.

Solution: First, administrate a pre-employment analysis to advice adumbrate Theft/Stealing - afore you absorb your time and account on accomplishments checks. Then, if application analysis array appearance an appellant denticulate like Thieves, then you apparently will not bother to decay account accomplishing a annexation or bent accomplishments check.


After you use pre-employment tests to appoint the best, you still charge to watch your advisers to create abiding they do not steal. It may not complete nice, but you charge to "spy" on employees. You can install video cameras, tracking accessories and additional spying instruments that are allowed.

For example, an controlling at one aggregation alleged me for advice to stop agent annexation and burglary that afflicted the company`s finances.

First, I helped the controlling alpha using the pre-employment analysis that predicts accessible Theft/Stealing apropos - so the aggregation could abstain hiring thieves. Second, I recommended the aggregation "spy" on accepted advisers by installing location-tracking accessories on its supply trucks.

Results = The pre-employment analysis helped the aggregation appoint Non-Thieves. Apartof employees, the aggregation apparent supply drivers were (a) active abroad from their alotof absolute routes and then (b) affairs aggregation appurtenances during their off-route driving. The company`s burglary by advisers came to a arrest halt. And new advisers were Non-Thieves.

Suggestion: Create 100% assertive advisers apprehend you watch them. Some may accuse about "Big Brother" for awhile, but they will understand your rules. Your rules cover no burglary is tolerated. Plus, advisers apprehend you use assorted accoutrement to bolt advisers who steal. Also, point out that burglary by advisers creates beneath job aegis for everyone. That will create them acknowledge you for "spying."


Employee burglary drains a company`s banking resources. It aswell creates a awful abode for employees. Analysis and account letters announce agent burglary is a big, growing and big-ticket problem. So, managers charge to yield three accomplish to stop annexation by employees.

First, accord pre-employment tests to job applicants to advice you abstain hiring accessible Thieves or humans who may steal. Second, conduct bent accomplishments checks on job applicants who did able-bodied on the pre-employment test. Third, ecology accessories bolt advisers who try to abduct your company`s possessions.

Pre-employment tests, bent annexation accomplishments checks and "spying" accord you a absurd 1-2-3 bite to knock-out agent burglary in your company.


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