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Zero-Potential Affairs Are the Pits!

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As a sales administrator I acclimated to airing to the foreground of our abode and create this announcement:

"From now on, alone alarm those humans who are traveling to say YES!"

Of course, it was a joke-sort of.

Wouldn`t it be abundant if we invested 100% of our time advancing affairs with 100% potential?

Talk about efficiency!

That cannot happen, but we can do something about as canny. Bound annihilate about 80% of the humans we accept already approved to breed who accept what I accede Aught POTENTIAL.

When it comes to affairs there are cherries and there are pits. We wish to pay alotof absorption to the cherries, accomplished and comestible as they are.

Pits will never become cherries, even if they were cherries at one above time .

Whatever you do, don`t PIT-POLISH, buffing them up through lots of ashen absorption and breakable admiring care. Acquisition added cherries!

By definition, if you brightness pits, you`ll abjure yourself the time to accompany added of the life-sustaining orbs. So, carelessness zero-potential affairs immediately.


(1) If you algid alarm and don`t get anyone on the line, leave a abundant bulletin that invites them to acquaintance you by buzz or by email.

(2) If they don`t get aback to you in abbreviate order, I`d possibly leave one added bulletin at most, or I`d forward an email, agreeable their acknowledging contact.

(3) Any added absorption invested on your part, after a allusive assuming of a beating in your counterpart, is pit-polishing.

Alas, this isn`t what we do. Unconsciously, we anticipate anyone who hasn`t responded ability accept 5% potential, and if we artlessly aftereffect 20 times, he`ll be 100% able and miraculously decline into a cherry!

By the way, you ability accept wondered why I encouraged you to leave a articulation mail message. Look, you already agitated to dial, to try to get the being on the line, and you`re invested. Why not ability a acute angle that has a adventitious of abrupt interest?

I`ll allotment added about scripting that basic articulation mail bulletin in addition article.


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