Your Autograph, Please! A Fun Scripture Action For Elementary Kids

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Kids adulation to get autographs and accord their autograph.

Here`s a fun action that ability go abnormally able-bodied at the end of your Vacation Bible Academy or summer affected or additional "group" time to advice blanket up your appropriate event.

Begin by giving anniversary adolescent an autograph book. This could be as simple as accepting the kids basic calm some pieces of constructions cardboard or as busy as a photo book. About central the book cover this account of autographs for the adolescent to obtain.

1. Your Sunday academy teacher.

2. A being who can recite all the books of the Bible accurately.

3. A being who has accepted the Aristocrat added than thirty years.

4. Your pastor.

5. A being who has accepted the Aristocrat beneath than one year.

6. Anyone who can say John 3:16.

7. A Actuality Songwriter.

8. Anyone who can sing "This Little Ablaze of Mine".

9. Anyone who loves you.

10. Anyone you would like to abound up to be just like.

11. Anyone who has his or her Bible with them.

12. Anyone who has 10 Bible verses memorized.

13. Anyone who can acquisition Canticle 23 in beneath 10 seconds.

14. Anyone whose name begins with "J", just like Jesus.

15. Anyone who has gone to the aforementioned abbey their accomplished life.

The account could be endless. Maybe you could accept a appropriate cost for the adolescent who is able tot complete the list.

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