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BEFORE I get into this part, let me say I accept noticed that sellers with college feedbacks tend to get college prices. Already afresh this is not consistently the case, but in accepted I accept it to be true. If you accept a aught acknowledgment score, I advance you buy and advertise some items first afore attempting to advertise tickets. I accept a top acknowledgment appraisement of 100% and a lot of sales, and still accept humans email me and ask if the tickets are real. What affectionate of catechism is that. Yet there is are lot of affected tickets out there.

Here is a account of techniques and casework I use for analgesic listings.

  • Listing template. I use a constant arrangement over and over again. All my auctions attending the aforementioned or accept a "brand" feel to them. If you are just starting out you may wish to appointment eBay and analysis out some advertisement designs. Feel chargeless to seek my listings for examples.
  • List immediately. I do not delay to account my tickets (with a few exceptions) If a appearance goes onsale this morning, I usually accept my advertisement acquaint aural the hour. Time goes on...demand goes down. I acutely delay on tickets for Basin games, as the teams aren`t appear until a after date.
  • Pictures. It is important to consistently appearance bench locations via a area map. If you are affairs football tickets for example, then you ability wish to appearance the appearance from their bench location. A acceptable website for accepting this blazon of pictures is, which is alone $9.95 for the year.
  • Pictures of the absolute tickets. I accept apprehend a few guides that say you haveto browse and column a account of the absolute tickets. I say NO. I accept NEVER done this, why?, because this is the easiest way for someway to accomplish fraud. On anniversary admission there is a bar-code. Anniversary admission is different. If this account is aerial from your auction, a alike admission could be made. If you access the event, the admission is scanned and alone one angel will be accepted per ticket. You can see what would appear if some tickets were create with the aforementioned bar-code. If you feel you Haveto appearance a browse of the tickets "edit out" the bar-code with photoshop or similiar photo alteration software.
  • Use prefilled information. On the eBay advertisement page there is consistently a box that says: "Pre-filled account info:" Use this everytime if possible. Blazon in the accident name, and/or area and date. It will seek it`s database and bung in all the specifics for that event. It helps for searches on eBay if completed. You can then ample in the specifics (row, section). It aswell adds a clickable map for the area the accident is at.
  • Listing Duration. I like to use a 3 day listing. Others will altercate that a 1 day advertisement or 7 day advertisement is best. Actuality is my opinion. I don`t anticipate a one day bargain gives you abundant exposure. If you accept the hottest tickets for a show, account them for longer. About I feel seven canicule is too long. There are humans that wish them NOW and agitation and will use a Buy it Now bargain or buy from auctions of 3 or 5 days. I anticipate admission buyers accept a abbreviate absorption span.
  • Buy it Now - YES OR NO? I accept acclimated this afore and still do. It is a judgement call. If there are some auctions with agnate seats I may tend to use a BIN. Column them and get rid of them. About if you accept one of kind, foreground row center, you could advertise yourself short. I usually set a BIN amount that I would be blessed with, even if anyone with bottom seats gets more. If you do use the Buy It Now feature, aswell use "Immediate Transaction Required" contrarily they could end your auction, annealed you for a anniversary and then your tickets are account less.
  • Starting price. Some humans would altercate with this, but my alternative is to alpha your bargain at face amount or hardly less. If I paid $210.50 for a brace of tickets I may alpha them at $199.95. The client sees the amount in that. If you accept fretfulness of animate alpha them at $9.95 and save some advertisement fees. This will apparently get added hits and some added bids appropriate away. Already again, judgement call.
  • Seat Location. I DO NOT account the absolute bench numbers. If anyone email s me I will accord them a accepted location..seats amid 2-8. This gives the client some aloofness and aswell prevents scams. I do about account the row, area etc.
  • Details. Stick to the facts and don`t absence the details. Day of show, place, admission location. Create abiding you column your policies, do you yield allotment (I advance NO, unless the appearance is cancelled), how abundant for shipping, can I aces the tickets up?, transaction methods (Don`t yield claimed checks!). Create abiding you spelling is correct.
  • e-tickets. I usually buy absolute tickets or "hard tickets" mainly because I buy them at a terminal. etickets are acceptable more popular. If I wrote this adviser a year ago I would accept said DO NOT buy e-tickets, but now am alteration my view. Although they are easier to scam/duplicate etc, they are aswell easier to just email them to the winner. Try affairs a brace during a presale and see how they advertise compared to "hard tickets". Do some analysis online and adjudicator for yourself.
  • Always acknowledgment emails and questions. Create abiding to Consistently acknowledgment you chump questions in a appropriate manner. If it`s a catechism you anticipate you may be asked several times, analysis the column to bargain box on your reply.
  • BE HONEST!! One of the alotof important things I accept begin is that bluntness IS consistently the best policy. Don`t say in your bargain "Great appearance of the stage" if they are not. If you create a aberration in your advertisement and you accept bids, alter or end the auction. Do not leave a client with acerb grapes or they will leave you with abrogating feedback.

I achievement you accept abstruse a lot from this column and ambition you luck in your abeyant new venture. There is a lot of money to be create with tickets, don`t absence out.

Remember to consistently accept fun and adore what you do!


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