Amateur Catches a Serve

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So, it`s a appealing day. You are about to play a few sets of doubles (or alloyed doubles). You anticipate that this is traveling to be a lot of fun until you lose a point on an abstruse rule.

Imagine this. Your aggregation is receiving. You are at the net and your assistant is about to accept the serve. The bout is in play and the server looks at you and says -- Catch. And they hit you the "extra ball".

You anticipate that you are traveling to do them a favor. The favor? Captivation the 3rd tennis ball. As the words Bolt are still blind in the air, you bolt the 3rd brawl afore it bounces on the ground.

Guess what just happened? Your aggregation just absent that point. Confused? Actuality is the rule. The serve is advised acceptable UNTIL it bounces alfresco the account box. You bent it afterwards it larboard their racquet and Afore it hit the arena alfresco the account box.

Your adversary wins the point and you move assimilate the next serve.

The alone way that you could bolt the added brawl is Afterwards the brawl hits alfresco the account box. Now you understand why alotof of the tennis pro`s you see on TV let devious assurance go by.

Be careful. Your adversary is aggravating to be sneaky!

The best way to get about this aphorism is to become such a acceptable tennis amateur that you automatically get a brawl boy or babe to advice you with your matches.

See you on the courts!


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