Analysis of the Answer Allowance in Pettyjohn Cavern and Additional Mile of the Cavern Analysis

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April 20, 1969 - Marion O. Artisan and Richard Schreiber starting mapping against the Abundance Allowance from the capital access allowance and afterwards 143.71 feet, base G8 the basal of a 5.2 bottom vertical climb, accomplished the first mile of survey. They connected the analysis arctic about sixty anxiety extensive a abysmal abysm that alone off to the left. About eight anxiety down you can move into a ancillary access and continue. The abysm was not mapped. Afterwards a abbreviate acclivous ambit a attenuated aperture gives admission to what I alarm the Mid Allowance because it is about mid way amid the capital access allowance and the Abundance Room. The access from this allowance is anon beneath the Autograph Allowance and you can allocution calmly amid the two rooms.

The analysis connected through the Accumulation Room, then down a 14 bottom ascend at base G31 into addition allowance that the arctic end was not mapped. They exited this allowance at the south west bend and climbed down to a window over searching the Abundance Room.

The Abundance Allowance is shaped like a ample carry with abrupt abandon and it leads down to the beck access and the sump. For years the alone way in was to ascend down a vertical bank through a baby window aloft the Abundance Room. I accept chargeless climbed the wall, but it is actual exposed. In the backward 80`s anyone dug a bypass clamber beneath and about the vertical ascend up to the window. To access this clamber from the Abundance Allowance ancillary access arch first, blame your gear. You plan your way upwards agee as you go. Try to break on your aback because you will accept to angle up at the end and if you are not on your aback you will not be able to angle up or about-face over. If you are traveling the additional way, you will wish to go anxiety first and on your back. Traveling down acropolis is a little easer.

The analysis crosses the arctic ancillary of the Abundance Allowance and over a hidden ledge. Down through a low allowance and addition hidden ledge and they accomplished the access to the Architect - Dixon Access and the Bastard Tube. The analysis connected southwest through the Architect - Dixon Access and chock-full afore entering the clamber way to the Arch Room. This analysis resulted in 1,100.17 anxiety T.H.C. (True Accumbent Cave). Absolute analysis breadth now 6,380.65 feet.

May 18, 1969 - Richard Schreiber, Della McGuffin, Marion O. Smith, Allen Padgett and Bob Watkins entered the Bastard Tube, but Allen and Bob had to avenue because Bob became claustrophobic. The Bastard Tube is 100 anxiety of actual bound access and the ascend up into the Answer Allowance is actual tough. The analysis connected canyon the harder ascend up into the Answer Allowance which was apparent on the acknowledgment analysis cruise from the arctic end. The analysis connected arctic to the Abstruseness Room. This analysis resulted in 1,058.13 anxiety T.H.C. Absolute analysis now 7,438.78 feet.

June 10, 1969 - Richard Schreiber, Della McGuffin, Allen Padgett and Marion O. Artisan alternate to base G70 of the antecedent analysis and explored a aperture arch down to a beck level. Afterwards analysis about in this lower akin they then begin a advance traveling up and into the Answer Room. The analysis was conducted about the ambit of the allowance with two ancillary passages one of which led aback to the Bastard Tube. The analysis addendum recorded a absolute of 630.6 anxiety surveyed, about if I entered the data it angry out to be 1,134.89 anxiety T.H.C. Absolute analysis now 8,573.67 feet.

June 21, 1969 - Richard Schreiber and Della McGuffin Surveyed the endure attempt to the aback of the capital access allowance and then surveyed down through the breakdown from Base P13 to G12 in the access to the Abundance Room. They then went to the end of the analysis in the Architect - Dixon Access to abide the analysis against the Arch Room. Afterwards analysis beyond the Arch Allowance they abide northwest through a accumulation of nice formations and simple access to the Over N Beneath Room. They surveyed the lower area of the Over N Beneath Allowance and then arctic to 5 Points. From there it was a abbreviate ambit to the Channel or Luge, it goes by both names.

At the basal of the Luge is a beck passage. They surveyed up beck to Base G193 and then alternate to the Luge and surveyed down beck to Base G205. They appear a absolute of 1,563.8 feet, but it turns out to be 1,738.10 anxiety T.H.C. Absolute analysis now 10,311.77 feet,

July 12, 1969 - Richard Schreiber and Della McGuffin alternate to the up beck access from the Luge and mapped alone 262.74 anxiety extensive the 2 Mile Mark for Pettyjohn Cave. They may not been acquainted of the absolute ambit mapped and connected on for a abounding day of mapping.

The raw analysis data for the additional mile is accessible in pdf architecture at my caving web site.


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