SATA Acquiescence Testing - SATA, ESATA and Acceleration For the Approaching

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The Consecutive Avant-garde computer s-and-technology/ computer s-and-technology-list/' onMouseOver="tip('infobox1')" onMouseOut="untip()"> Technology Attachment (SATA) computer bus is a storage-interface for abutting host bus adapters, generally begin in laptops and desktop motherboards to accumulation accumulator devices. SATA host adapters and peripherals acquaint with anniversary additional via a accelerated consecutive cable.

The Consecutive ATA All-embracing Alignment (SATA-IO) is the accumulation amenable for developing, managing and active acceptance of SATA specifications. Users of the SATA interface account from greater speed, easy-to-use upgradeable accumulator accessories and simpler configuration.

The SATA interface debuted in 2001, and it is now the alotof accepted interface for PC applications. With data alteration ante of 1.5 Gbps, SATA 1.0 anon became a backup for the Alongside ATA (PATA) interface. As of 2009, SATA has replaced all but bequest ATA in all customer PCs getting shipped. SATA is advantageous over PATA in several ways, including its abate and beneath big-ticket cable, faster and added able data alteration and adeptness to hot swap, or add/remove accessories while in operation.

The next bearing of SATA angled the data alteration amount to 3 Gbps. The SCSI interface had been able to acquire several requests and acknowledge to them in the adjustment which minimized acknowledgment time. This feature, alleged built-in command queuing (NCQ), was adopted as an alternative affection for both SATA 1.5 Gbps and SATA 3 Gbps devices. Accustomed the accent of astern affinity amid SATA 1.5 Gbps and SATA 3 Gbps devices, SATA 3 Gbps is advised to abatement aback to SATA 1.5 Gbps if in advice with SATA 1.5 Gbps devices.


Initially, SATA was advised as an internal, inside-the-box technology; however, designers bound accomplished that the interface could be broadcast alfresco the PC, bringing the aforementioned achievement and appearance to alien accumulator needs. This led to the development of a new adapter alleged alien SATA or eSATA which is defined for alien devices.

With eSATA, consumers can accept the aforementioned allowances that SATA brings to storage. eSATA was appear as a new accepted in 2004, with accurately authentic cables, connectors and arresting requirements. It is hot pluggable and provides added achievement than absolute solutions. Several allowances of eSATA cover its able-bodied and convenient alien connection, its adeptness to advance a cloistral cable up to 2 meters and its amount (eSATA delivers a college gigabyte alteration amount per dollar than absolute accumulator interfaces and does not crave a agreement adaptation chip).

There are a few differences amid the cloistral adapter and the centralized connector. In adjustment to anticipate the use of defenseless centralized cables in alien applications, the alien adapter has no "L" shaped key, and the adviser appearance are account and smaller. To anticipate damage, the admittance abyss has added by 1.6 mm to 6.6 mm and the contacts are army aback further in the bowl and the plug. The cable aswell has an added band of careful and the connectors accept metal acquaintance points. Additionally, there are springs as assimilation appearance congenital into the adapter absorber on both the top and basal surfaces.

One key advantage of eSATA over additional interfaces is its acceleration (up to 6 times faster than USB 2.0 or 1394). As consumers abide to aggregate a abscess amount of top resolution photographs, videos and music files, data alteration amount is more important. By using an eSATA interface, end-users are able to aback up their computer systems decidedly faster than with absolute alien accumulator solutions.

Because SATA is the accepted accepted interface in about all new harder drives, eSATA doesn`t crave the aerial of converting the arresting amid the alien interface and the centralized IDE drive. Rather, a buffered absolute affix is all that is bare to extend the computer`s centralized SATA ports alfresco of the PC.

Applications for eSATA cover alien absolute absorbed accumulator for notebooks, desktops, customer electronics and access servers, and aswell abutment for assorted streams of agreeable such as alongside apprehend and address on a DVR.

Looking advanced to the SATA 3.0 specification

The accepted SATA rev. 2.x blueprint detail data alteration ante up to 3.0 Gbit/s. SATA IO presented the abstract blueprint of SATA 6 Gbit/s concrete after endure year. The abounding 3.0 accepted is advancing to be accessible this year. While harder deejay drives hardly bathe the 1.5 Gbps bandwidth of aboriginal SATA, a move from SATA 3 Gbps to SATA 6 Gbps will account the beam apprehend speeds of ONFI drives that can ability able-bodied over 500 MB/s.

The new blueprint will cover a few extensions to the command set, namely in the breadth of data and command queuing, and the enhancements are geared to advance superior of account for video streaming. The accepted will abutment distances up to one meter. The new blueprint may crave college ability burning for acknowledging chips; however, new action technologies and ability administration techniques are accepted to action the abeyant problem. The approaching accepted will be astern accordant with SATA 2.x specifications.

Ben Anton, 2009


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