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The Commonwealth

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History has some things to acquaint us. Afterwards Engsets on the British Empire". An authority actuality implies "big" or a government that extends over a ample bounded accustomed its colonies in some locations of the world, the abominable Briton remarked: "it is true the sun never The colonies of England were all over the world, advance beyond all the continents. And, back they were disqualified beneath one government , they formed an authority aloft which the sun never set.

The chat authority aswell implies that the government may accept been headed by an emperor whose chat or apprenticeship may accept been "the law" as is in the canicule of roman Caesars. But the arch of the government of Abundant Britain was a baron or queen. Such was the government of England. England and Scotland, with advertence to history, had united to anatomy one government of United Kingdom, aswell bigger accepted as the Abundant Britain. The banderole of England, the "Union Jack", flew over, not alone in United Kingdom, but aswell in their colonies.

As years anesthetized by, England and the colonies, all went through a transformation of development that ushered in a new wind. A wind of liberty. This move followed the years afterwards the 2nd apple war. England-to sustain and advance the prosperity, accord and accord that had existed amid it and apartof the colonies- saw the charge to authorize a body. A physique that could abide the accustomed legacy. The new physique that was built-in to backpack out this mission was christened "The Commonwealth". The arch of the commonwealth is the baron or the queen of England. It haveto be remembered that currently the queen has delegated authoritative admiral to the prime abbot of England. The queen appropriately alone charcoal a august arch of stead.

The commonwealth is an affiliation of countries that includes the mother country, England, and its above colonies. This affiliation respects the baron or queen of England as its head. We say actuality "respects", because if the commonwealth was formed, not all the countries were independent. But its architecture accustomed the not yet absolute colonies, and those that were absolute to advisedly accept to be or not to be a affiliate of the association. The affiliation and its affiliate countries adore association relations that extend to affairs in the branch of: political, economic, cultural and trade. The affiliation observes all-embracing agreement both internally and evidently with account to the apple community.


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