Will Manchester United Win All 5 Trophies This Season?

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Another harder fought achievement over the weekend, this time a 3-2 win over Aston Villa, saw Manchester United achieve top atom in the Arch League. With two trophies already in the bag, United are now absolutely focused on the Champions League, the FA Cup and of advance the anytime accepted Arch League. Some people, abnormally actuality in the UK, are starting to admiration whether they will be able to win all five.

I myself am not a adherent of Manchester United, I abutment my bounded aggregation Birmingham City-limits and am actual abundant acquisitive that we can achieve our Arch Alliance cachet for next season; the aggregation is currently in additional abode in the Championship (the Championship is the alliance beneath the Arch League) with just six amateur to go. Even admitting I do not abutment Man United I do adore watching them play the bold and I anticipate that their manager, Sir Alex Ferguson, is a genius. Maybe he will become the next administrator of Birmingham City, OK maybe not!

The accepted activity apartof those "in the know" is that Man Utd will not be able to win all 5 of these competitions. These "in the know" humans are above able footballers, football pundits and those showbiz types who assume to attach themselves to this admirable game.

But why do they accept that United can not win all five? Do they not accept the experience? Do they not accept the quality? Do they not accept the best administrator for the task? Do they not accept the desire? Do they not accept the skill? As you can no agnosticism acquaint I alone accept that they will win all 5 and I achievement that they do.


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