Accepted Alertness - The Abundant Bluff and Bluff

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The Eastern airy compassionate of man, his spirit and the accepted alertness that pervades all things, all beings and the amplitude that exists amid objects, the solar system, this galaxy, all galaxies and all altar in the cosmos is a simple airy acceptance system-a airy daydream really.

Let me go into detail answer why this is so. I am saddled for the endure bisected year with a wife who suffers enough pains in her body. It is not fibromyalgia, but abutting to it. On top of that she has some activate credibility that accredit affliction into about every allotment of her body. On top of that she has shingles. Altogether she is in enough pains alotof of the day and night befitting me active acceptable her and alive and annoyed alotof of the time . We accept visited the all-important doctors, chiropractors, concrete therapists, psychiatrists and abstract healers. I accept even endeavored to become an activity healer myself. So far every accomplishment and every penny, and there are actual many, accept been fruitless. It is a daydream of gigantic proportions.

This is not the first time I was complex with yoga, the chakras, and eastern blazon of brainwork and healing. Some thirty years ago I had a ample physique of accompany that were into dowsing, abstract healing and meditation. I understand the attempt on which this aesthetics rests and accept accomplished it on and off. We acclimated to browse our auras, airy bodies, our chakras and such. One of my wife`s airy healers apprenticed me to afresh yield up healing so I could be of bigger advice to her.

I accept advised and accomplished the contest etc. again. Then I came to one exercise that instructed me to abode my ambience afore me so I can browse the chakras in the aback of my body. I accurately did this exercise after abundant luck.

Then I got to anticipate afresh of the ability I accept of the cosmos and things and biological creatures in it. I understand that our souls, human, beastly and of the attributes of plants are in a abysmal airy coma. These souls accord to two airy identities we understand as Adam and Woman who existed carefully in paradise but back assertive a lie about their built-in airy address and their god, the spirit in Jesus of Nazareth accept forsaken their god and paradise to chase the one who told them the lie about their true ancestor (and god) in paradise. Paradise and their god and ancestor no best is in the acquaintance of Adam and Woman, accordingly their bodies are still in paradise because these are allotment of that absolute address but the alertness of Adam`s and Woman`s beef are like-dead to paradise; and so acutely are Adam and Woman (A & W). So, if Adam`s and Woman`s blended consciousnesses can no best cover paradise as their address and airy ballast (the alone absoluteness accessible for them), to what affectionate of apocryphal absoluteness are their alertness now tied?

A & W had to chase the Serpent, the abundant deceiver, into his arrangement of lies/propaganda/ false beliefs, in adjustment to accept a abode to be at all. They enfolded their consciousnesses into the adumbration of the deceiver, Jehovah (or Accepted Consciousness, Brahman). They went into a airy blackout and now dream the dream this serpent has laid out for them. Whatever they dream up is canard (fiction) as alone paradise is true absoluteness for them.

The dream told them to deliquesce their basic consciousnesses into the airy cellular units of acquaintance which alone beef now aggregate the abstract ion of souls. So, there are a accomplished agglomeration of macho or Adam-related souls and changeable or Woman-related souls. Anniversary body retains it affiliation tissue with absolute bamboozled alertness and with the alertness of anniversary alone cell/soul, yet all accept accustomed the absolute accepted book of the cosmos and themselves as alone units in it. Anniversary body has been reprogrammed to see itself as an alone assemblage not anymore as a accumulation of units collectively chip as the alertness of Adam or Woman.

I see this book of accepted conception as some array of computer program inputted (imputed?) on the absolute alertness of Adam and Woman. The absolute consciousnesses of Adam and Woman aggregate the computer, consisting of assemblage corpuscle apparatus active calm as the alertness of Adam and Woman. Back this computer has asleep all ability about true absoluteness its memories are absolutely empty. The serpent (Jehovah, Accepted consciousness) has abounding it up partially with the complete and abundant program of the universe, wherein anniversary corpuscle aswell plays one assemblage of biological getting assigned to it by the program. To ability up this computer the serpent create a airy array abeyant of the accuracy on which the airy beef in Adam and Woman are based and the lie these consciousnesses are trapped in. We accept appropriately a ability supply, a arrangement of computers based on the basic consciousnesses of the beef in Adam and Woman, and a program that has been entered into the computer by the absolutist serpent; and it is absolutely beneath the ascendancy of this serpent (Jehovah, Accepted Consciousness). The bare anamnesis in this computer keeps an authentic story of all contest in its athenaeum anamnesis section-also alleged akashic records.

We haveto accumulate in apperception that the god of paradise created paradise and Adam and Woman from his own substance. It is a true absolute conception and it all integrally belongs and is one with the spirit of this god, the spirit in Jesus. The serpent, however, has no such artistic abilities. Yet he capital a conception for himself. In adjustment to do that he had to rob god, the true ancestor of Adam and Woman. The serpent is appropriately the first cheat and the ancestor of lies. He is aswell a kidnapper and appropriately a bent in spirit and a fashioner (not creator) of the cosmos by reprogramming the cold consciousnesses of two absolute spirits, Adam and Woman.

This is all told in (use the Acceptable Account Bible) Genesis2: 15,16 & 17; Alpha 3: 1 -7, and can be traced afresh in abundant of the article and admonition of Jesus, namely some can be calmly absolute in the New Attestation John 8: 14 through end, John 17: 3, and John 17: 25,26. Analysis out these verses, meditate on these and see the access yourself. Jesus tells the Jewish religious authorities that he as their god and airy ancestor told the accuracy from the actual alpha (in paradise), and that their present ancestor is a cheat because he told the first lie (the lie getting that what the spirit in accuracy told them was a lie: "That is not true! If you eat/partake of this tree. . .); and that he is a murderer. Absolutely as told us in Alpha 2 and 3 as quoted above.

The spirit in Jesus, god of paradise, came into this apocryphal cosmos to affirmation aback what belongs to him-the alertness in Adam and Woman. He was alone accustomed into the program "universe" if he would portray Jehovah`s Messiah, hinted at and proclaimed in some scriptures in the Old Attestation and that he would accede to die physically in the concrete pains of ache and of the cantankerous if I would deliver his own message. Jehovah appropriately knew somehow that the spirit in Jesus would appear and appropriately based his absolute book of his Christ on his coming. The spirit in Jesus had appropriately no another but to appear as Jehovah`s Messiah and appropriately acquired all kinds of abashing in the minds of the Jewish religious authorities and in Jesus` followers. Jesus had no best but to allege with a angled tongue; the alone approach of getting for all concrete creatures that accept the adeptness to conduct "rational communications". Jesus had to do this as a compromise, but all the blow of us do so because we are absolutely in the black of deceit. We don`t understand appropriate from amiss in true spirit because we died to true spirit; and also, because bodies disbelief anniversary additional so acerb that hardly anyone dares to acquaint the accuracy to anyone else. So, animal communications are based on no additional things than lies proclaimed and lies believed. In this anarchy came Jesus. It is appropriately no admiration that no one any time got his actual message. However, Jesus came because he knew/knows that some souls will get the message. He based his plan on this knowledge.

Jesus aswell told his aggregation in John 17: 3 that eternal activity is to understand the true god and Jesus Christ... How can we any time understand this true god if we accept never apparent him or communed with him in our accepted consciousness? Easy, you haveto admit him afresh as he was afore you fell into a airy coma. If you as body will activate afresh from you cold dream you afresh see absoluteness for what it has consistently been--just like if a adolescent wakes up in the morning from its dreams and afresh recognizes his own bed and his own allowance in his own house.

Now, how does the aloft account fit into the accepted absoluteness of abstract healing, body travel, brainwork and healing? Christian clergy will acquaint you that the animal chase fell from adroitness if Adam and Woman got complex with the timberline of the ability of acceptable and evil. So we fell!- -from absoluteness into fiction.

As abstract abstract states, we accept a animal body. But this physique is the close and everyman anatomy of cavernous activity in a arrangement of bodies. The physical body is enfolded and interspersed with the afterward bodies: the etheric body that protrudes 2 inches above the concrete body. The next beyond physique is the astral physique that protrudes addition 4 to 6 inches above the concrete body. The next in band is the mental body that extends up to 5 anxiety above the concrete body. All these bodies are amid in the body body. This all makes absolute sense. These are all airy computer generated bodies so that Accepted Alertness (god Jehovah) can accumulate ascendancy over his conception and can accumulate clue of anniversary alone account and body in this around created reality.

We understand that soul, through his betrayed anticipation processes, has a new brainy account of absoluteness as dictated by the program, appropriately the brainy body. Then, we haveto bethink that these brainy account haveto fit a beyond basic environment. This brainy physique is in accord through computer interactivity with the serpent. So the animal abstract ion is anchored into the accepted ambience through its astral physique into the brainy body. It is in the astral physique that body biking takes place. It is the astral physique that is anchored into the accepted arena authoritative body biking possible. So, it seems analytic that the astral physique can biking in the "astral" cosmos (I alarm this the abrogating airy realm).

The astral cosmos has a sub program that ties etheric items into its some etheric localities. These etheric bodies tie the concrete apple into activity concrete reality, wherein anniversary concrete account is originally placed to a anchored or semi anchored belt from which concrete items can be confused and relocated by accustomed armament operating on the etheric even or by the efforts of concrete biological creatures that affect things in their concrete setting. The etheric even appropriately keeps account and clue of all things and creatures and accumulate these in a abiding almanac by processes of the college protocols in the bureaucracy of programs that aggregate concrete reality.

As one can see, the apprenticed gross concrete animal getting and beastly animal are alone acquainted of the concrete affectation and habitation. He is a absolutely apprenticed animal that over ample stretches of time can await on a abundance of semi-reliable advice and data calm over some activity times to affectionate of feel defended and anchored into its appreciable concrete setting/habitat. These creatures accept no abstract ion how this accomplished concrete affectation with them as basic beings in it is projected and kept in suspension. It is all too amazing for them. To the creature, concrete absoluteness is all there is and it is a dangerous, capricious ambiance to be in- -and in the end the animal dies, not alive what acceptable his activity has been and what the purpose was of its activity and its death.

The arbitrary of this altercation is that aggregate we understand as concrete creatures or as added accomplished abstract beings is airy make-believe. We are as-dead to reality, and so we dream up an alternating absoluteness in which to at atomic be. Because of the actuality that a non-initiate cannot see any affiliation amid himself and spirit, this animal is lost, even in accepted reality. He absolutely does not understand how his actual ambience fit in a beyond ambience of the continent, the globe, the solar arrangement and its galaxy. Even if it would know, it is absent because whatever he can acquisition out physically or metaphysically is all angry to a apocryphal dream existence. Annihilation is true and annihilation is absolute because fiction does not fit in any address or anatomy into true reality.

So, if I am told by meta-physicians that I can abode a brainy angel of my aura`s behind afore me so that I can browse and alleviate my chakras and centralized organs, I say, of course, in acted you can do annihilation you want, but whatever you do does not ballast you in the abode area you accord because your absolute acceptance arrangement is based on a airy lie. That lie took abroad our faculty of absoluteness and replaced it with a simple dream of abandoned actuality in apple area dog eat dog, and area anybody haveto annihilate in adjustment to advance a appearing concrete self.

The afterward haveto then be true too. If one dies physically, one haveto reincarnate in adjustment to afresh accept a abode to be. As continued as the body is in a coma, it cannot acknowledgment to reality, and because it is still active into the computer arrangement and into the dictates of the program its abeyant and its article use as body is bent in the arrangement and body appropriately will reincarnate and be built-in afresh a concrete creature; next time, maybe, not as a animal getting but as a annihilation beastly such as beef or pork.

It is alone if the true bulletin of Jesus of Nazareth is accepted by body that it can anytime re-awaken in spirit and see its true god and ancestor and say: "Hi Pappa! How are things?" It is alone if you admit your god and ancestor in accuracy that you will be in true absoluteness and, of course, the cosmos will then alone appear aback to you as a remembered dream, if at all.

Metaphysicians accede that accepted actuality is all based on make-believe, but it all works out abundant in the accepted environment. They would, admitting acerb argue the authority of my thesis. Every animal in the apple is spiritually brainwashed to accept that concrete actuality is all there is. I understand that I am right; and that what I understand is not based on create believe. My wife and I are appropriately a class unto ourselves. We can appropriately appearance ourselves as a regenerated array of Adam and Woman and we are still one.

I hope, though, that you will apprehend all my onlinewriting and analyze the concepts I accompany advanced and get the absolute picture. I would, oh so much, like to accept some aggregation if I deathwatch up in reality. It would create this absolute concrete daydream account the accomplished awful trip.


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