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Muslims in Space! Muslim Astronauts Appointment Different Difficulties

 As Malaysia prepares to aces its first astronauts, the country ' s amplitude bureau is hunting for solutions to the problems it expects adherent Muslims to face while in orbit, such as in which administration to pray. Devout Muslims are appropriate beneath Islam rules to adjure agilely 5 times a day adverse their angelic city-limits of Mecca. Mecca is the birthplace of Islam and of Muhammad, the architect of Islam. It is accordingly the alotof angelic of cities in both Islam and the average east. According to Islamic traditions, Muslims about the apple haveto face Mecca during their circadian prayers. The catechism that haveto be answered is how Astronauts aboard spaceships actuate which way to pray. How do you accurately adjure and face Mecca?. "Among the astronaut ' s needs, if he is a Muslim, are guidelines on assuming prayers in space, and additional aspects of activity according to Islamic principles," Malaysian government official Mohd Ruddin Abdul Ghani. Malaysia is currently in... Read More by user



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